We must explain people what we’ve done, admit what we haven’t done


Senate President Nicolae Ciuca, leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), said on Tuesday, when asked about the fact that the Alliance for Romanian’s Union (AUR) is quoted in some polls at equal or higher percentages than PNL, that this is „mobilising” for Liberals, who must explain to people what they have done and admit what they have not done well, at the risk of „eating humble pie.”

„It is mobilising for us that we have to go out and be closer to the people, to explain to people what we have done, to acknowledge what we have not done, to take this risk, as the Romanian says, of eating humble pie. Yes, what we did not do or did not do well we must admit. People will appreciate this honesty and sincerity,” said Ciuca, on Antena 3 CNN private television broadcaster.

Asked if AUR is a party with links to Russia, Ciuca replied, „At the moment we have no such evidence and I don’t want to speculate.”

„At the same time, taking into account all these issues, there are probably parliamentary institutions, state institutions that have to prove what it means the support from the outside for parties that do nothing but harass and stir up the population of the country. I believe that any extremist manifestation, any populist manifestation does nothing but make the situation we find ourselves in even more difficult, to generate fear and mistrust among citizens, who are bombarded with a whole series of information that people of good faith do not have the ability to analyse, probably giving credibility at first reading,” added the PNL leader.

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